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Quipment disappearing on resets

My Quipment stocks are below, one of my squad mates is advising each Tuesday his Quipment is is being set to zero. Is anyone else having a similar issue with their Quipment disappearing on Tuesdays resets?



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    Greetings Captain, we will take a look into it, and fix any issue encountered. Please tell you crewmate to report the issue as well so we can help him. LLAP
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    Hi All - I have dilemma - I'm being told by the Tec's that no-one else has raised this problem - so if any of you have I need you to report it - Problem - since the star of Continuum if have had problems with quipment and slot awards - the registration in the "achievements tab" have frozen at 39 - Having completed at least 5 complete challanges they still remain frozen despite being awarded some compensatory awards by programmers - Is there any one else out there with this problem??? Please respond.

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe ein Dilemma. Die Techniker haben mir gesagt, dass niemand anderes dieses Problem angesprochen hat. Wenn also jemand von euch ein Problem hat, muss ich es melden. Problem, da der Star von Continuum Probleme damit hatte Ausrüstungs- und Slot-Prämien – die Registrierung im „Erfolge-Tab“ ist bei 39 eingefroren – nachdem sie mindestens 5 komplette Herausforderungen abgeschlossen haben, bleiben sie immer noch eingefroren, obwohl sie von Programmierern einige Kompensationsauszeichnungen erhalten haben – gibt es da draußen noch jemanden mit diesem Problem?? ? Bitte antworten.
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