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“Fleet Boss Battle Upgrade” offer disappeared

I got the offer for artifacts and valor which I’ve been waiting for for a while, but even though it says limit 3 it disappeared after a single purchase.



  • Hmm could it be that I’m over the valor cap presently? Need to wait for my fleet to start a new battle to test.
  • Nope, getting back under valor cap didn’t do anything. Boo. Put in a support ticket to see if they can do anything.
  • edited November 23
    Same, I'd really like to max out my Artifact too with my 3 advertised purchases. Won't you take my money? I guess I will submit a ticket since this is just about to expire.
  • They answered my ticket but I don’t think they read it because they seemed to think I missed the window which I was very clear wasn’t true.
  • That is really annoying, especially since it is such a great offer.
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