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Continuum Mission interface is clunky

The current event involving Continuum Missions highlights how we are missing a lot of basic functionality in this new game mode. Having to continually exit and re-enter this game mode for very basic tasks, with all of the clicking through menus, could be improved. For instance:

We need to be able to see within the Continuum Mission crew selection screen how many equipment slots we are already using and how many we have free, so we know who can equip something to improve their stats.

We need to be able to see how many exp we have, what continuum level we are, and how many exp to the next level, so we know who we should be focusing on leveling up.

We need to be able to select somebody, equip continuum gear on them, and then use them in the content without having to exit completely out and come back later.

Basically we should be able to do everything related to continuum missions without having to exit. Getting in and out of Continuum Mode is not a one-click process, it requires a minimum of 6 clicks to get back to where we were in the missions, so doing whatever we can to minimize having to leave and re-enter over and over to play this game mode would make it a lot less clunky and tedious..

Also it would be great if we could hit the x button in the top right corner and have it take us back to the previous Continuum Mission screen, without having to start completely over from the beginning again.
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