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Admiral is AWOL

Our Admiral has been AWOL for up to 2 weeks at a time for the last 2 years. Can he turn over the position to someone or does it have to go thru Timelines? We have someone who would be willing to take over but he does not want to go behind our Admirals back to get the slot.


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    Everyone needs a RL break now and again. Maybe wait two weeks til they return and ask them?
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    Master YogurtMaster Yogurt ✭✭
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    The current Admiral is able to promote another player to Admiral. Otherwise, I believe CS can assign it to any player that sends in a ticket requesting a change after 30 days of admiral being AWOL.

    In my opinion, it's not behind their back if they aren't communicating with the fleet. No call/no show, find a replacement, or find a better fleet.
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    The Admiral's role is very important to the smooth running of the fleet. Do you have an independent way of reaching yours to discuss this transition? It is easier if they voluntarily promote someone into that position. If the replacement isn't an officer, they will need to be promoted to that level first. Then the promotion to Admiral will be available.

    Otherwise, I agree with Master Yogurt. AWOL Admirals need to be replaced, or a new fleet found.
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    Thanks for your info. I am trying to contact my fleets admiral to find out what's up.
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