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Selling equipment for credits

For most people, barring those that played from the beginning and never spent their creds, getting credits is a very slow process, especially now when we have better Quantum gather rate with the weekly Contiuum missions. It's also never worth it to replicate anything outside of the basic faction items and definitely never for 4* or 5* equipment. So we're in this awkward situation where you have so much useless equipment that can only be recicled for replicator rations but you don't have the money to actually use those rations. Nowadays I don't ever bother and I'm always fully stocked with trainers and I have probably 30-50k ship schematics that don't do anything.

So I suggest, let us sell our equipment rather than have it linger in the inventory, never to be used. On a side note, it would also make the biggest benefit of VIP levels which is more replicator uses a day way more useful, like how it was at the beginning of the game where you were overflowing with credits and the limiting factor was actually replicator tries per day. It also kind of makes sense to sell things for money so there is that. Thank you for your consideration.


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    Greetings Captain, that sounds like a interesting proposition, quite a game changer in some scenarios. What would you propose as a selling outcome of the equipment? Also this kind of suggestions would require a strong support form the community to be taken into consideration for the devs. But still love the idea, LLAP.
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    PavelHrPavelHr ✭✭
    edited December 2023
    Hi community manager and thanks for hearing me. My suggestion is to have an alternative reward to recycling our items. Use the exact same system we have at the moment but instead of replicator rations, it gives you credits. You can choose whether you want the rations or credits. The benefit of it is that it probably doesn't involve a lot of work as it's using the system we already have in the game, it just gives you 2 options for a reward instead of 1.

    The amounts don't have to be very high, say 10, 000 ship schematics gives you 5,000,000 credits. Unfortunately I couldn't log in to my old forum account which had a higher profile so had to create this one and the guild I'm in is quite small and I don't have the clout to poll the community. Also this thread is not on "The Bridge" which is way more popular than "Make it So!" and we're just a few people here. But I'm sure if you ask mid and high tier players if they'd want it, I'm sure they'll be happy to. It's not uncommon for those 99lvl people to have fully maxed out some ship schematics in their inventory along with maxed replicator rations and are needing credits multiple times more than rations. Plus as I said, we're adding a function to an existing system which benefits over half the population and even maybe newer players too and making use of a system that at the moment is pointless. Thanks again for at least considering it :).
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    Greetings again Captain, Sorry for the long waiting I was on Christmas break. I will pass your suggestion to the devs and make your voice heard, but again it will need quite a strong support to be taken into consideration. LLAP and Happy Holidays.
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    DavideBooksDavideBooks ✭✭✭✭✭
    For what it's worth, the idea has my support.
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    For what it's worth, the idea has my support.

    mine as well
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    This idea has my unconditional support.

    Because, as anecdotes go, since we started having more Quantum, I have basically not used the replicator. My credits are getting to 5 millions just in time for a new Crew Retrieval. And yet the game insists on showering me in stupid Replicator Rations that I can't use.

    Seriously, at this point I'd rather be able to sell Replicator Rations for credits.
    but again it will need quite a strong support to be taken into consideration

    Surely you can collect some data about how the players play the game. Could you look into how many replications per day have been done over the last year and how this number has changed with the new source of Quantum? Could you look into how the average credits per player have changed over the year?

    My guess is that you'd see our credits reserves getting depleted and our cumulative replicator uses decreasing.

    Also: if not selling equipment, here are other options I'd welcome in some form or another.
    - A midweek event rewarding large amounts of credits (say, a couple of million credits per month).
    - A new sort of token (reward for something) that allows to use the the Replicator credit-free once.
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    AndrewAndrew ✭✭✭
    I would definitely support this OP idea. Gathering credits is a huge issue right now, where replicator usage and crew retrieval are almost mutually exclusive.

    And also Astrometrics' ideas, above.
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    Sending notes! Thank you Captains! LLAP and hopefully more credit opportunities will come
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    This is a fantastic idea. OP is 100% correct with the lack of utility for the replicator right now; I'm consistently high on replicator rations and low on credits. Being able to convert ship schematics and other equipment to credits rather than replicator rations would make the feature useful again.

    Thanks for considering it!
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    100% unconditional support STT, the sheer amount of unused resource I have accumulated is astonishing. How many dozens (or more) Cardassian pistols do I need anyway? LOL

    The most obvious outcome of selling items/resources would be, in my opinion, to include the items for sale in the in game "market place" somehow so that players can go in and purchase what they need to build/complete what they are trying to accomplish.
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