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Convergence Celebration 2024

Convergence Celebration 2024
Last year we celebrated Convergence Day for a whole month, and this year we’re looking to do the same. Here are some of the details to get you excited about what’s to come.

Convergence Mega Event
This year we are celebrating the idea of Strange New Life in Star Trek. Aliens—from a human’s perspective—from all corners of the galaxy are being featured in the events and rewards. Whether they served on a Starfleet bridge, stole from one, and everything in between, you can look forward to seeing these crew join your crew quarters.
As we did last year, four consecutive events with a shared 5-star reward following the Mega-Event structure. We’re kicking it off with a full skirmish event, featuring the Enterprise 1701-C. Instead of a single mega-trait, all event crew will receive a bonus throughout the mega-event, along with individual event bonus traits: Ferengi (week 1), Betazoid (week 2), Orion (week 3), and Klingon (week 4).

Mega Event Continuous Crew
The 5-star crew earned through the event threshold rewards will be Fascination Lwaxana.

Mega Event Merchandising
Last year, we didn’t run a recap pack for this mega-event slot. We also know that a lot of you didn’t like that. We heard you and are including the Mega Event Recap Pack this year along with trait packs to coincide with the event bonuses each week and a special discounted Orion behold pack featuring Navaar, Maras, and D'Nesh from the episode of Enterprise: Bound. This behold of three legendaries can be purchased at 850 dilithium with no purchase limit.

Convergence Mega Objective Event Details
We are doing a special Endurance Objective Event to go along with everything.
-The Objective Event will run from the start of the Convergence Day Mega Event through the Recap Pack
-The Rewards will be new elusive crew
---C.O.P Sisko
---Suus Mahna T'Pol
---Elder Saru
---Captain Tuvok

-Objectives will require multiple fuses and reaching level 100 for the new crew from the Convergence Day Mega
Events in order to unlock the Objective Event Reward
-Objectives requiring multiple fuses of Fascination Lwaxana will unlock additional copies of C.O.P. Sisko
-Objectives requiring leveling and fuses of Dak'Rah and Ulis will unlock up to three copies of Captain Tuvok
-Objectives requiring leveling and fuses of Maab and Mr. Homn will unlock up to three copies of Suus Mahna T'Pol
-Objectives requiring leveling and fuses of Tendi as Scorpion and Migleemo will unlock up to three copies of Kashyk
-Objectives requiring leveling and fuses of Kodrak and Nausicaan Thug will unlock up to three copies of Elder Saru

Our goal is to reward players who engage in the events with these special crew, allowing access to at least one star of each of the new crew to anyone who can unlock the new Super Rare rewards through the event thresholds. For any of those hoping to leverage the Recap pack, you can plan on using those as well when the Recap pack goes live. Make sure you complete what you want before it is over, because these crew members will not be available until they join the Premium Portal and Crew Retrieval later this year.

Celebration Avatar
Last, but certainly not least, everyone will be receiving a new Avatar to celebrate 8 amazing years of converging timelines, chance meetings, and new friends. Wait. Who let this thing out of its habitat? Please, tell my wife I—transmission terminated.

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