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Damron and the Delphic Expanse Collection

With Damron's re-release in the next Campaign, is it a good time to remind the devs that he is not in the Delphic Expanse collection?

It's been a year, devs. I don't know how many clicks it takes to put Damron in that collection, but I'm sure that it can be done in a couple of minutes.

While we are at that, I have a couple of other suggestions for the Delphic Expanse collection. (If I understand this correctly, it's characters who are "FROM" the Delphic Expanse -- so, for instance, Imprinted Archer or Zero Hour Archer do not qualify).

- Captain Lorian. Born there, has lived in the Delphic Expanse his whole life.
- Karyn Archer. Like Lorian.
- Degraded Sphere-Builder.
- Thalen. He's a Xindi.
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  • AstrometricsAstrometrics ✭✭✭
    I applaud the recent update of the Delphic Expanse collection, adding three of the five characters I had suggested. I still think that Lorian and Karyn belong there (they were born in the Delphic Expanse), but it's definitely not a hill I'm willing to die on.

    That said...

    Is this too early to mention the Twin Mistresses of Evil belong in the Bride of Chaotica collection, though? It's not been a year yet.
    "Dance with me. For science."
  • Greetings Captain, The team is still working on adding / Adjusting Collections. But we will write it down! LLAP
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