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Fuse Ulis 2 times bugged (Convergence Day event)

Even though my Ulis is now at three out of four stars, the milestone won't unlock. I was thinking about seeing if there's a bug and it was actually meant to say to fuse him three times. But if I do, I guess my Ulis is done and I can't claim the reward if it gets unbugged later?

So ... idk if I'm the only one with this problem or perhaps just missing something that makes this my bad, but ... from my current understanding it seems that the event has a small bug there.


  • Worked for me - first copy came from a pack, second and third from event, and reward popped immediately. Have since also gotten my fourth copy, but that was not the one that completed the milestone.
  • I am encountering a different but potentially related bug with the CD event. I have fully leveled Troi, but the counter is stuck at "90 levels"
  • Greetings Captains, we don't seem to register a problem in other fleet or Captain accounts. Did you open a ticket with support? If so, did they answer? Thank you, LLAP
  • TaayaTaaya ✭✭
    Haven't opened a ticket yet. Will do, thanks :)
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