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STT Discord Server + GIVEAWAY


Greetings Captains & Legends!

BIG Announcement! We are less than 1 week away from STL launching on Steam (February 20th), and we want to share this excitement with you!
We are going to choose 1 lucky winner to receive a FREE STAR TREK LEGENDS on STEAM copy! What do you need to do? Well:

-Follow us on our YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/@startrektiltingpoint
-Follow us on our IG @playstlegends - https://www.instagram.com/playstlegends/
-Join our Official Discord Server and react to the Giveaway announcement with "" 🖖 "" https://discord.com/invite/startrektiltingpoint

ONLY 1 lucky Captain / Legend! We will announce the winner on Monday

Additionally, this is a great opportunity to showcase our brand new DISCORD SERVER for STT! Join fellow Captains in this new adventure!




  • And we have a lucky Winner! dasbinichgrinz will be the one enjoying a FREE copy of Star Trek Legends on STEAM!

    Thank you all for Participating, and we hope t see you in the next give away. LLAP
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