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Announcing our next Mega Event: Tattered Delta

Voyager’s time in the Delta Quadrant has undoubtedly left an impact. Was it a wholly positive one? What of the scars left? Could they be festering to this day, threatening to spread to the rest of the galaxy?

Mega Event New Crew: Concerning Flight Janeway (new) 5* will provide a bonus for all four events, and will be a recurrent threshold reward.

During this adventure you will encounter the following crew:

New Crew: Seska and Culluh (5*), Motura(5*), Twin Mistresses of Evil(5*), Wixiban(5*), Michael Jonas(4*), Acting Chief Engineer Joe Carey(4*), Facepalm Paris(4*), and Borg Queen (4*)(VOY)

Existing crew: Dereth (5*), Lon Suder(4*), Buster Kincaid (4*), and Drone Seven of Nine(4*)

Mega Trait: VOY & Villain

The schedule is as follows:
2024-02-29: “Enemies Closer” - Galaxy Event
2024-03-07: “Common Ground” - Skirmish Event, Vidiian Warship as new ship
2024-03-14: “To a Pulp” - Faction / Galaxy Event
2024-03-21: “Sleeping Giants” - Faction Event

We’re looking forward to your participation and hope you will enjoy this new Star Trek Timelines original story arc.

This time around we will be running a mega pack at the end of the month that contains all the new crew from throughout the whole mega.

We're here to hear your feedback as always

Thank you for playing,

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