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When a game offer in the offer wall doesn't pay out rewards, the appeal process is terrible

Start playing a game from the offer wall, maybe get the first reward or two (verifies you definitely have signed up properly), but then they stop paying out rewards? Well, you have to file a new ticket for each specific award you didn't get paid for. Each time, you'll wait like 24 hours for a Tapjoy conversation to come up, they'll ask if you paid money (of course not lol), then ask you for screen shots to prove you completed the task. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes it's literally impossible if the game doesn't provide a way to prove later that you did something. Then wait another day or two or three, and they pay out your dilithium. Then after that's closed, you can do it all over again for the next specific goal you already completed.

This is terrible.
  1. A provider that stops paying out rewards should be prodded to automatically pay out the rewards
  2. A single appeal should be sufficient to get payout for multiple tasks completed
  3. It should not be required to take and provide screenshots as proof, because often that's not possible
  4. Partners that don't automatically pay out rewards after a few days, and still don't do it even after you successfully appeal, should be blacklisted from the offer wall


  • Oh by the way this is the Android offer wall, and the people at Tapjoy have been very polite, it's just a really poor experience and obviously I won't be doing any more offer wall stuff.
  • I had a worse experience. I downloaded a game, started playing it to level 100 something, went back to the offer wall to check my progress because I should have received the first reward, but I received nothing and it was showing zero progress. I contacted Tapjoy, the end result was something to the effect of “we can’t verify you downloaded the game from our offer wall so we can’t give you rewards.” Even though I sent screenshots showing the game listed in my current games on their offer wall page. They are a total scam. I looked them up on Ripoffreport.com and there are many complaints saying the same thing.
  • Geez, that's even worse.
    I don't mind trying a game from the offer wall if I was going to try it anyway, but Wicked Realms should really consider finding a different partner if they want this to be a thing STT customers use.
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