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Fleet recruitment - Canadian Forces Mk.2 is looking for a few hosers.

What you bring:

-a warm body.

- no drama

what we offer.

- Max. Starbase.

- Magnesite/Biltrium I/II through FBB

- Assistance in improving your game (if you want it)

- discord (if you want it)

- Bacon/Maple syrup (you want it)

- No explanation as to what happened to Canadian Forces Mk.1


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    JrodJrod ✭✭
    Canadian citizenship is not a requirement.
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    You should also check out our fleet: Canadian Shield. Likewise, Canadian citizenship is not required, eh? LOL
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    JrodJrod ✭✭
    Or you could not hijack a fleet recruitment post. please and thanks.
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    PompeyMagnusPompeyMagnus ✭✭✭✭
    Is there a reason why your fleet doesn't pop up if I search for it? Weirdly, half the fleets I see here don't come up in fleet search.
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    JrodJrod ✭✭
    the interface for the search function is not too hot.
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    Sorry! Didn't mean to interfere with your recruitment efforts. Please forgive me?
    Also, indeed there are a lot of broken functions in STT such as not notifying you when you have messages waiting.
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