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Add more to buy with Quantum and Crew Retrieval

I think most of us just save up our Quantum for a single Legendary (or sometimes Super-rare) every couple of weeks. This is fine, and I enjoy the option to do that to build crew I can't normally build, but it gets boring since it's the same thing over and over, and expensive to keep dumping 5 million credits in all the time if we are still building other cards at the same time.

How about letting us buy citations with Quantum too, without needing a credits cost? Maybe 300 quantum for 2-star, 400 for 3-star, 500 quantum for a 4-star citation, and 1000 for a 5-star? That way we'll have other things to do in this content when we don't have any specific characters we want to build, or we are hurting for credits and can't afford to spend a few million for awhile.
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