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Announcing our next campaign: Another Trip Around The Sun - 3/19

Greetings, Captains,

Another Trip Around The Sun is the theme of our next campaign, ¨Another Trip Around The Sun¨.

It will feature: Desert Trip (new) 5*, Mutinous Trip Tucker (existing) 5*, and Geskana Tucker (existing) 4*

The last reward of the Ultimate track will be Another Trip Around The Sun Avatar.


This campaign will start on Tuesday, 3/19 at 12am ET (17:00 UTC), and end on Monday, 4/15 at 11:59pm ET (Tuesday, 4/16 at 04:59 UTC).

You have one week left to complete the ¨At The Helm¨ campaign!

Lastly, we hope you’ll enjoy this week’s event.

FF / FE - Desert Trip Tucker
- Boosts Attack by 3
- Initialize: 8s, Cooldown: 16s, Duration: 10s
- Bonus Ability: Immediately repairs Hull by 25%
- Equipment Bonus: Accuracy +715, Crit Bonus +400, Crit Rating +400, Evasion +390

Traits: Human, Starfleet, Maverick, Desperate, Explorer, Resourceful, Survivalist

Thank you for playing,
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