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We have room for 1 Captain

Dilithium Causes Cancer otherwise known as DCC is currently looking for captains of all levels. We have one space open for you. You could be one of the Captains to join us in our journey through the universe that is STT.

About us. We're a Top-100 fleet that welcomes Captains of any experience level. We don't have any VIP requirements or minimum shuttle requirements. Our Captains range from Monthly Card to VIP 14 as well as a couple of F2P captains. DCC is a laid back, low pressure Fleet. With a Maxed Starbase and consistant fleet participation, getting max Chronitons, Honor and ISM every day is guaranteed. We are currently farming both Hard and Ultra-Nightmare Fleet Boss Battles to give all our captains rewards so that everyone can build up their Captain's Bridges.

About you. We’re looking for Captains who enjoy growing as captains and getting 11/11 Daily Missions. You realize that by helping to build a better fleet, the fleet is helping you to grow as a captain too so you make Starbase donations every day. Whatever your experience level, you’re looking for a fleet community that celebrates each others accomplishments and is helpful with any questions you may have.

We only have three hard requirements for Captains.

We realize that you have a life outside of STT, so if you need some time away, you must let an Officer know.

If you’re interested, please PM me, bebe has Badgey (on the forum) or @[DCC] bebe has Badgey (on Discord)

[DCC] bebe
Privileged to be Admiral of the Great Fleet
Dilithium Causes Cancer, maxed Starbase level 134
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