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Greetings all,

I've started a new fleet called "Sons of Apathy"

We are a fleet that focuses on tactics, strategy, and teamwork. I am looking for players who are active participants.

I believe that it is possible to succeed in this game without spending copious amounts of money. I am a level 62 player with almost 250 immortalizes, so I am living proof that this is possible. I will therefore not be implementing a spending quota, as many elite fleets will do.

Since I have yet to find a quality strategy guide for this game, I am writing my own, which will be available to my fleet. It will be constantly updated as the game evolves.

The following are my expectations for my fleet:

- Completion of daily missions (at least) 5 days per week
- Starbase donations every day (It literally takes 2 minutes)
- Participation in all Faction and Expedition events
- Participation in (at least) 1 Galaxy event per month
- Facebook account. (This is where the strategy guides and most of the major communication will be posted. The in-game messenger is completely unsuitable for proper communication.)

Please reply to this post if you are interested with your FULL screen name as well as your avatar picture that you use.

Thank you and Qapla'

[SoAp] Regent Woof
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