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Voyage stucked after 2d 22h 34m

After investing nearly 14.000 dilithium my current Voyage is stuck at 2d 22h 34m. When I click revive I get the “Purchase Confirmation” screen but despite having enough dilithium left the game does not react if I click “Okay”. I need an urgent solution for this … I collected a huge amount of rewards that I want to claim, including nearly 7.000 chronitons, 520 purple replicator rations, lots of new 4* crew including Colonel Worf! I was exicted to hit the final dilemma and therefore gaining Fierce Guinan as well.

CS is informed but giving their current reaction time I might not get a solution this year :-/

Any ideas from the community what can be done?

@ DB: I made complete list of all the rewards I gained but might loose, including screenshots. So if you need more details...


  • Always submit a ticket for these situations. They may not get to it quickly, but they WILL get to it. They resolved my 23 day voyage fiasco very well.
    I want to become a Dilionaire...
  • I hope so. Not only the voyage rewards are in the limbo but my best crew as well ... that not only hurts me during the current event but possibly also during next weeks event. I will just keep waiting :-/
  • Laura did you write "URGENT - 3 day voyage stuck, need help!" or something for the title of your ticket? I find that for situations like that, "URGENT" has helped me get a faster response. Good that you took screenshots. Try to get the time & date on your device to come into the screen as well for those.

    Are you still waiting out in space?

    Congrats on Fierce Guinan and Colonel Worf.
  • The issue has been resolved :-)

    I want to thank Commander Sinclair and ·§ë· For The Many for their advice - thank you.

    And thumbs up to CS who responded quick and found a fine solution. Well done!
  • Response times are indeed much quicker now :)
    I am glad this was resolved for you!
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