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What is the Chance of getting a behold?

I want to know
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    Completely anecdotally. I receive a behold about four times for every 10 standard packs I pull. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. Occasionally, I will get two beholds in one pull, but not often.

    Among beholds, I say I get a five-star character one out of every 10 beholds.

    I've really stopped pull premium packs however and focus on event packs and other pack offers. I find I get a behold at roughly the same rate.
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    I pulled 30 10x packs and received 1 legendary behold. your mileage will vary..
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    edited December 2017
    Hard to say. When you buy a 10 pack, the guaranteed 4-star skews the results. When you get that 4 star at the end of a ten pack instead of the beginning, it seems to have a greatly increased chance of one or more beholds.

    When you get a legendary that isn't related to an event pack, it is always a behold, even when it wouldn't have triggered a behold option otherwise. Some people estimate legendaries in premium packs are around a 1% drop otherwise.

    We would really have to just have somebody buy a ton of single premium pulls and not 10 packs to know what actual odds are. But that's a crazy waste of money since you aren't guaranteed anything other than 3* characters and schematics that way.

    So a lot of factors come into behold chances, and it is anything but pure RNG. I'm just going to wait and see how they handle disclosing odds on loot boxes in upcoming updates now that Apple requires it.
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    I just pulled 7x 650dil event packs. I stopped at 7x when Crusher finally dropped. At pull 3 or 4 I got a legendary behold and picked up my first Nechayev. I also got 5 Meriweathers and 1 Uhuru. No other beholds dropped, but the extra legendary was an unexpected treat.
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