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Help Trimming the Fat (Who to "Airlock")

DavideBooksDavideBooks ✭✭✭✭✭
In the past two days, I have gone over my 65 crew limit by more than 20. Some crew are easy to dismiss: I have 25 two star crew immortalized and many of them frozen. More will freeze as my higher-stared crew are leveled up and I crit all the nodes. Thus all the new and repeated 2 star characters are summarily dismissed. (Unless I can get a Gia Odo.) I went dismissal crazy and now only have 2 over my limit, but will need more space as time goes on.

I have a bunch of three star crew. Many of them are holding battle stations or are so high that I will fully equip them and freeze them. Others do basically nothing. I have my Cadet Crew almost FFFE, and finally got Smiper Ezri Dax, so once she is equipped, that will free up space.

There are other crew who are taking space because I think I might need someone of that particular species for a mission or for the arena. Here they are:

Third Ramata'Kan **
Keevan ***
Klingon Dukat *
Temporal Shift Kes * (She has a very high crit bonus)
Ensign Mendon ** (I have Torres FFFE for cadet engineering)
Idrin **

I also have two Tuvok, but no Neelix yet (I had a couple once, but dismissed them before I knew they could make Tuvix). Should I keep him unfused until I can make Tuvix and upgrade him? I hear he is harder than Neelix to get.


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    Data1001Data1001 ✭✭✭✭✭
    My general advice is to never keep 3* crew because you think they might be helpful at some point in the future. The reason for that is, you will likely see them again and again before that point, plenty of other opportunities to get them (when you actually have crew space for them).

    That having been said, I would say, keep Kes and Mendon for now. Mendon is very handy for one of the weekend advanced cadet challenges. And I would advise you dump the following: Third Remata'Klan, Keevan, Klingon Dukat, and Idrin.

    As far as keeping Tuvok for Tuvix, I'd say don't do it, again simply because of your crew slot crisis.

    But this only scratches the surface, it seems. With you being 20 over, you'll need to make some drastic cuts very soon, or those decisions will be made for you.

    Can you post a list of these cadets you have immortalized but not frozen? I would guess that you may have more sitting in your active roster than you really need. Folks here would be more than happy to help you decide who's best to hang on to, and who you can put in cryo for now.

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    RaraRacingRaraRacing ✭✭✭✭✭
    A couple of points:

    1. Tuvix - both are equal with regards to "hard to get", it is just basically luck of the draw there. There are so many options on what to do for Tuvix, but if you want your first copy what I would do is fuse and wait for a Neelix ... if you get a third in the meantime, excellent, if you get a Neelix before getting a third then buy the last star with a 3* Honor Citation (cost 4500 Honor). This is probably the fastest way and will save you the most crew slots while you wait.

    2. Crew dismissal - So, who to cryo? It depends on a couple of factors, one being the crew you already have and two being how you want to move forward ... do you want to collect all crew asap or are you content to do so in the (very) long run. Here are your crew with some comments:

    - Third Remata'Klan: decent SEC for Sunday if you do not have other options. A consideration might be (if you want to collect crew) to cryo an immortalised 3* SEC crew (e.g. Odo, a Klingon etc.) and level this guy till 100 ... if you aren't bothered with collecting then you can airlock this guy, he'll come around a lot more.
    - Keevan: well, you have him FF so, maybe a consideration to power level him and freeze him if you want to collect crew? He has some handy traits for early game node crit, but not sure how far you are with that or who your other crew are.
    - Dukat: a great CMD Sunday crew, even at 2*s ... do you need that? if not airlock and leave for a future opportunity to level.
    - Kes: Great MED for the weekend advanced cadet missions (covers both days) ... do you need that? then keep, but you might have Troi for that (monthly log-in reward). Difficult to level.
    - Mendon: is airlockable if you do not want to collect crew. Has a good SCI/ENG combo and handy traits for unlocking nodes, but again, not sure how far you are with that.
    - Idrin: In the exact same boat as Third Remata'Klan.

    Basically, all are set for the airlock if you have all your bases covered and are not bothered with regards to collecting crew.
    My strategy was to cryo immortalised crew I had at 100 that covered the same need (e.g. cryo Odo and keep Idrin or Remata'Klan) and work on levelling those, rinse and repeat every time a new opportunity came along ... when I had the bulk of the crew immortalised I took those I wanted on a daily basis out of cryo and those I didn't went in ... however, I made sure to always keep key crew like 3* Torres and Tori active to cover cadet missions, but as I kew I would, these were low on the priority list to level.

    3. New crew - As nice as it might be to get new crew in, I would resist opening packs or doing those 750 Merit pulls ... you've probably got enough coming in through events and Voyages! If you need to make purchases then go for the 45.000 credit shuttle boost packs, or save up your shuttle boost packs from the Thursday missions (and events and daily log-ins) and open 1 a day (what I do).

    Slowly, over time, level your crew and start immortalising them, cryo when done and get those achievements in ... this will get you Dilithium and then you can buy a 3rd or 4th shuttle (if you do not already have them) ... and extra crew space.

    If you are into collecting crew then this is less of a "waste" ... if you just want Honor etc. then continue on the path forward. But, considering you want to obtain a Tuvix I figure you're in the "collecting basket", because Tuvix is not really worth it anymore.

    Good luck!
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    DavideBooksDavideBooks ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thank you for the advice. I have the four "femenaliens" (don't know who coined that therm, but I've seen it a few times and it works) needed for the weekend missions. Zero is not FFFE, so I have a female and male security high enough to fill in for now. I also have a few for the arena. And I have three who are at level 80 or better who I want to finish before freezing.

    For weekday cadet missions, I still have a few extra because I have a few nodes to crit that will require specific crew. That should be a moot point soon and then I'll freeze several more.

    Ultimately, I want to collect them, but I can wait. My first priority is to complete cadet missions. I then have a lot of hardly touched 4* crew to improve for missions and voyages. I've completed the basic missions for the first seven levels and a good chunk on elite and the first couple on epic.
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    RaraRacingRaraRacing ✭✭✭✭✭
    my 2 cents ...

    - Ditch the weekday cadet crew you are keeping on for the nodes ... you cannot warp cadet missions so there is no real point to get 3 stars on each mission ... just wait until you have all the crew set and bring them back from cryo on the specific days you need to.
    Alternatively you can make sure you level them and have them FF/FE on the day that you need them, hit the node and cryo.
    This is something nice, but it really not critical. I didn't get them all starred until Gaia Odo came out ... at that time the only 2* I did not have immortalised.

    - With 65 slots, I reckon saving specific crew for Arena is not worth it ... just use crew you are using on a daily basis. You may not get into the top tier, but you can get really far by picking favourable battles even if you have mediocre crew ... I speak from experience, I'm in the top 10 percent in all categories but have sub-optimal crew for sure.
    In the past I used to fill those spots with lvl 100 4*s that were not FF and who I'd levelled for other reasons (e.g. to clear locked nodes).
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    edited December 2017
    These guys make excellent points.

    However, Klingon Dukat does just 'crush' Sunday the Sunday Cadet Challenges with his 500+ Command Skill (excellent for any 3 star crew).

    You can fail multiple nodes and if command is the final node and still beat the mission.

    Just IMO, but i'd hang onto Klingon Dukat if you can.

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