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Mariners is recruiting active players Starbase level 21

Mariners is recruiting. We have openings for a number of members, and have an open enrollment status. If you are active, and are interested in a fleet that is not high pressure, come and join us.


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    Does your fleet communicate via in-game chat or a separate app? I have my own fleet to take advantage of the starbase, but I am looking to disband and join a fleet to grow faster. I'm level 54 and VIP12. My name is "Reds are the Best" and my avatar is Enterprise-D Picard.
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    I put messages in the daily message about the upcoming events. Squadron leaders are officers so we can commincate in the in game officer chat. I dont use any seperate app for chating. Come take a look. And if you join, feel free to start a squaron. The only request I have is that you let me know if you are not able to be active for over a 7 days.
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    Thanks I'm in.
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