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Citation advice for improving voyage and shuttle missions

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Hello smart people of this forum,

I would like to ask you for some Citation advice.

4/5 Kortar
4/5 Bartender Guinan
4/5 T'Kuvma
2/5 Borg Queen
1/5 Admiral Kirk
1/5 Dr. Richard Daystrom
1/5 North Star Tucker
1/5 Duelist Torres
1/5 Mademoiselle de Neuf
1/5 Detective Data
1/5 Will Scarlett
1/5 Changeling Founder
1/5 Doctor Chaotica
1/5 Mirror Intendant Kira
1/5 Mariachi Q
1/5 Bashir, Julian Bashir

3/4 Mirror Uhura
3/4 Mirror Tucker
3/4 Mirror Ezri Tigan
3/4 Rianna Mayweather
3/4 KDF Gowron

2/4 Detective Dixon Hill
2/4 Tommy Gun Dixon
2/4 Ambassador Spock
2/4 Kal-if-fee Spock
2/4 Commander Sela
2/4 Edith Keeler
2/4 Waitress Ezri
2/4 Captain Janeway
2/4 Sarek
2/4 Grand Proxy Neelix
2/4 Platonian Kirk

1/4 Mirror Jadzia Dax
1/4 Alidar Jarok
1/4 Tactical Michael Burnham
1/4 Combat Medic Paris
1/4 RAF Julian Bashir
1/4 Laas
1/4 Nexus Kirk
1/4 Assimilated Tuvok
1/4 Stranded Odo
1/4 Klingon Quark
1/4 Holonovel Doctor
1/4 Changeling Bashir
1/4 Captain T'Pol
1/4 Civil War Worf
1/4 EV Suit Tucker
1/4 Graduation Michael Burnham
1/4 Tash
1/4 Blood Oath Jadzia Dax
1/4 First Goran'Agar
1/4 Jannar
1/4 Command Hologram
1/4 Weyoun Clone 4
1/4 Dr Crusher
1/4 Mirror Janeway
1/4 Fencing Sulu

Additionally I got 1 immortalized 5* (Mirror Jean-Luc Picard) and 19 immortalized 4* in my other crew. They are strong on Command, Diplomacy and Security, but the rest is meh, especially Medicine.

I know that the first three of my 1/4*-list have good voyage stats, so they would be good on shuttle missions, too. But they have skills my crew ist well endowed with.

With my saved honor I could buy 3x 4* citation or 1x 5* citation.

The most advantage for voyages or shuttle missions I should get with promoting Kortar or Bartender Guinan, but I fear getting the last star for them by RNG and an instant airlock would be frustrating.

What's your advice - wich crewmember should I give one or two stars to, leaving aside the event this weekend and with a more general perspective?


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    Jim SteeleJim Steele ✭✭✭✭✭
    Kortar is unlikely to feature in the portal in the near future, I know he isnt in the drop table for them yet so its a citation or Dabo table for him. Guinan might be a candidate for when the Gauntlet character is changed, which should be sometime soon(TM).

    Of the others, if its purely voyages then Borg Queen (Also not in the drop tables) or Mirror Kira are top 20 for average three skills for voyages.

    My advice, save the honour for the new honour hall crew or MED should you be fortunate and pull a Dr. Culber, or EMH.

    DB: Do Better
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    I would hold off using a citation for the moment. What I would be tempted to do is wait and see if you can get the 5th star for Bartender Guinan from the Gauntlet and then use a Citation on her if you don't. She is really good in Voyages, Shuttles AND Gauntlet.

    OR Just hold it until you decide if you want the new Honor Hall character
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