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Game bugging out

over last 30 minutes game has been freezing up and giving some weird building options while attempting to upgrade crew



  • Is it still an issue now after restarting?
  • Happened to me and others as well, when DB added the new packs and new ship. I don t get why this can t be done without such hickups. It worked fine in the past, but these days it happens quite common.
  • Shan wrote: »
    Is it still an issue now after restarting?

    It did happen one time after refreshed game but everything seems be ok now
  • The game loading in under a minute was such a wonderful improvement while it lasted. Sad to say it's been almost an hour now trying to get past turbo lifting to the bridge. Gets almost halfway & hangs. Reinstall not helpful, restarting device not helpful.
    ~ seeking out new life
  • It is unrelated to the work that has been done to improve loading times.
    We are working on it.
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