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Join USS-R3S six spaces left LV51 Starbase

Every good captain needs a good fleet. It is never just about you.

We have a lv51 Starbase and have an extra replicator use for all members. We currently have six spaces left to bring us to a total membership of 50. Last event our fleet was ranked in the top 200 as we regularly are. We are looking for active event players to help us get to the top 100.

We use Line to communicate and even have our own blog to help bring those less familiar with the game up to speed. We promise active chat and banter in the game too. So whether you are a whale or a F2P we promise you a voyage to make you feel right at home.

So get on board USS-R3S. And let’s boldly use cliches and film references that loads of people have gone and done before!


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    We have a great fleet. We communicate with each other. Very friendly and very helpful. Come join us and have some fun
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    We only have three spaces left in an awesome fleet. Come join us and have a great time
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