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ANDORIAN IMPERIAL GUARD: Make Andoria Great Again!

David LunaDavid Luna ✭✭
edited February 2018 in Fleet Central
With the coming of "CRASHING THE PARTY" the Andorian Imperial Guard invites you to join our group. Just search "Andorian Imperial Guard" in the Fleet search engine. We will be waiting for you!!!! Long Live Andoria!



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    Forgive the dumb question but where is the Fleet search engine located?
    I clicked on the fleet icon and looked there but did not see it there.
    I clicked on the icon to add people (under members), and there is a search there, but I think it is only for individuals. I searched anyway but did not find Andorian Imperial Guard.
    I feel like a Pakled. I can't make it go.
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    You can find it as the button just right of the CREW button.
    Once you get there, just look at your options. There should be a selection choice/search. Good luck.
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    It would be in the "SETTINGS" window. You can join and leave fleets there. Additionally, there will be a squadron option.
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    I love the graphic. I don't know if you made it or found it. Just very cool.
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    Thank you Ozzy. It is a photoshop project based on a modified UNCLE SAM - I WANT YOU poster.
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    Shras completes my Andorian Crew!!! We are still recruiting! 4 of our rooms are now active.
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    Hooray for Lissan!!!
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    We have had several Andorians join lately. I know there are more. Join us! All are welcome!
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