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Packer Backers are now recruiting

Packer Backers are looking to fill 5 spots in our fleet.

We are looking for daily active players who want to have fun and be competitive.
Players must be level 50 or above.

LINE App is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. You don’t need to be a social butterfly, but we do ask that you be responsive, communicate when away from game, and follow fleet directives when applicable. In game communications are unreliable at best. (Certain squads may require. Current squads recruiting are optional). Find Timeless_Warrior to be added after acceptance.

Must add fleet tag [PB] to beginning of name after acceptance.

We have a level 68 Starbase, and claim all honor and most Chronitons daily (depending on current stage of holoemitter anomaly).

We are event fleet, having ranked the following in recent events:

Crashing the Party: Currently 15th
Laws of Nature: 67th
Who are we to do die: 70th
Infinite Contentions: 72nd
Triple Threat: 56th
Operation Earth: 75th

PM with interest to be added or find in fleet search.

Play Long and Prosper

Packer Backers Admiral
Timeless Warrior

Admiral Timeless Warrior
LINE ID: Timeless_Warrior
Packer Backers Fleet
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