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Active Competitive Player Looking for Fleet

I am a highly active player who loves competition and wants to join a new fleet for increased competition. I don't want to submit a bunch of applications to various fleets so I am hoping that i can find the right fleet by posting my "resume" and having you come to me if you like what you see. Hopefully together we can each find a good fit.

Why would you want me?
Captain level 55
VIP Level 14
Daily active player contributing full star base donations daily
Daily active player hitting every daily target for self and fleet
I play every Gauntlet and always finish in top 10, with many first place wins
Finish daily battle arena in top 1% of each division receiving maximum daily benefits (usually in top few hundred and can and have hit #1 in each division).
Have all story events cleared from all missions (except 7 *'s of the total 972 possible).
Have 4 shuttles
Willing to wear your fleet tag

I am starting to consistently finish in the top 1000 of events with a few finishes in the top 500 which is becoming more and more consistent.
I generally clear the rewards table every event.
I love faction and expedition events and always do well in them.
I despise galaxy events but will play some to clear rewards tables and to help the squadron

I have 11 FF/FE 5*'s
I have 19 other FE 5*s ranging from 1-4 of 5*
For a total of 30 FE 5*s and climbing.
I have 33 FF/FE 4*s
Blues and Greens? Who cares but i have what i need and i like collecting them.
Overall i have 126 Immortalized Characters and climbing.

Other Info
I am drama free and usually don't talk too much. Think of me as the silent reliable type. I have no troubles communicating and will communicate with the squad/fleet as needed (even in separate apps if needed) but don't expect me to be involved in every single conversation. I have a highly demanding full time job and 2 kids and i don't have the time to chit chat. I take the few minute breaks i need to play consistently and achieve my personal daily and fleet goals. I won't let the squad or the fleet down. I rarely go away and if I do you will most certainly know about it before hand. I play the game for my enjoyment which includes collecting and immortalizing characters and being competitive in events.

What do I want from a fleet?
Fleet must be competitive and consistently place well in rankings.
Fleet must be active and relatively full of like minded active members.
I want to be a part of a decent squad... don't stick my with your dregs and inactives. (This is a deal breaker - i want to be in a decent squad as much as a good fleet).
I am not looking for a social fleet. I'm here to enjoy my game time not make new friends but i do communicate as necessary and am polite and friendly.

Basically if you are looking for someone who will be consistently active, works hard, loves competition, is willing to learn and may have some things to teach, and puts the squad/fleet above a lot of things, I am your man. Just don't expect me to be extremely involved in general conversations. If i sound like the type of person you want in your fleet, send me a PM and let's chat.

Closing Notes
Look, I know I'm not the bee's knees and am not quite at the level that the top 10 fleets will want me. However, I am a very valuable higher end player and am not looking to join any casual or social fleets. I want competition. I do spend a fair bit of $ on the game (see VIP level) but don't expect me to spend regularly for events. I spend when i want and how i want to enjoy the game my way but that does include some regular spends on events. I just can't commit to consistent regular spends for every event. Please don't bother sending me PMs if your fleet isn't highly active and competitive. See above re: what i want from a fleet. Thanks for reading.


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    Jay, we in Cold Space would love to have you join our ranks. We are regularly rank in the top 30 for a fleet that is shy of being full.

    We are fleet rank 23 in the current event.

    Cold Space is from around the world, England, Ireland, Germany, Canada, USA, to name a few.

    We are progressing well on Starbase construction, currently level 23.

    We do use Line chat app to hang out, plan events and just have fun. This is a requirement and you'll soon find it makes life easier! It is available across all platforms.

    Shoot us a message in game, "Raxnar" in game as well on Line Chat App.

    Look forward to hearing from you. I think you'll be a great fit.

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