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The Liberal Alliance (TLA) are recruiting.

(TLA) Fallon(TLA) Fallon ✭✭
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TLA are looking for new Captains to join the family!

Starbase is currently at 76 but there is still work to do so bring your holoemitters 😉

If you are interested send me a message or comment below and we'll have a chat.

Check out our wikipage for more info and membership guidelines.


*Notable Quotes*

"TLA? Oh those guys are the bees knees. They have the best Goddamn Pah's I've ever felt. I'd join myself but my religion disallows it."

Kai Winn

"I have only two words to describe TLA. Feckin Winners!"

Chief Miles O'Brien

"TLA are the epitome of IDIC. Not to join would be highly illogical."


"Ooooh TLA Captains are the hottest! I've been pregnant by at least eight of them."

Lwaxanna Troi

"Liberal Alliance Captains always get an A....though some of them at times opt for a D."

Wesley Crusher

"110001101001010101011 101101010 01010101010 10101 0101001 1010100110101 010"

The Bynars


Shirley Bassey


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    I would like to apply for membership. Lvl 63 3 shuttles active Squadron leader in a dying fleet of exploration email: 672478005874690@disruptorbeam.com
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