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{ACE} Fleet has a few open spots, Inquire within!!


ALLIED COMMAND ELITE or {ACE} Fleet was founded on the principles of a Fleet focused on achieving common goals. {ACE} Fleet strives for success in the game but always makes sure that its members that make up the team are always at the forefront of its drive and determination. Whether or not you want to score great in an event, or maybe you want to finish #1 in the Gauntlet, {ACE} Fleet is ready to help you no matter what your level of success may be. That's why we decided to create a Fleet by the Members, for the Members.

Check us out at www.acefleet.space and Facebook and in game with the usertag {ACE}

Some Highlights about {ACE} Fleet
TOP 20 Fleet when it comes to our weekly event rankings
17 Fleet members individually in the top 50 in events in 2017 alone
Multiple members dominating the gauntlet, battle arena, and galaxy domination.
Starbase status:

{ACE} Fleet communicates with each other via the LINE app, which can be downloaded
iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, and Online

In LINE we have specific rooms where we discuss strategies, tips, tricks, news, and even a specific room that is dedicated to what’s on the menu called 10 Foward.

So if ALLIED COMMAND ELITE is where you want to serve, you must first agree to these requirements:
Must be over 18
Must be an active player
Minimum Captain level 30 / Any VIP Level
Fleet tag {ACE} must be used in game names and on “LINE” (ie: {ACE} NAME-RANK)
Must be a team player
Must be willing to download and communicate with the Fleet via “LINE”
We are a friendly community and understands real life takes precedence. If you need to take a break from the game for an extended amount of time, please inform any Command officer prior to any leave. However, in an effort to keep the fleet active, competitive, and the rosters full, any extended absence (30 days) without prior notice to command officers will likely result in your removal from the fleet
Must agree to all {ACE} Fleet Prime Directive. Fleet Prime Directives is located on our site.

If you would like to reach out to us, stop on over to our site or Facebook page and say hello.
Rear Admiral
Section Chief, External Media
Member of BOOTL{ACE} Squadron


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