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World of trekfans looking for 4 new members

We the fleet are looking for you the active player (mostly f2p) to join us.
We're a lvl 96 fleet, who plays for the fun of the game.
We have some competitive squads, but also more relaxed squads.
In the last 3 months our fleet has ranked between 150-300 for events, because you're free to do so
We have a 3 weeks inactivity rule (exceptions are made for people who notify in forehand)

The fleet originally started out as a german fleet, but to embrase the philosophy of star trek we've gone international. Wheter discovery is star trek: we don't care. You want the card or find a card usefull even if it is disco... We don't care! We play the game and do our best to collect a good strong crew.

The 3 weeks inactivity rule was chosen to allow players to take vacations without having to notify the admiral.
We all know there are people out there who aren't too fond of having to inform a relativly stranger that nobodies home for a while. With the 3 week rule we think it creates a nice balance between creating a relaxed playing environment and keeping the fleet active. I know i want that daily honor boost.


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