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Battleship Texas (BBTX)

Admiral JJAdmiral JJ ✭✭
edited March 2018 in Fleet Central
Battleship Texas is looking for a new Captains over level 50. We actively play every day,do a little chat if you like, and just have fun. We meet our daily targets for honor and chronitons almost without exception. Our fleet finishes 25-125 in events, depending on the type. Star base level74


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    Looking for new fleet, level 57,vip 9,meet daily missions every day. Spacetrucker is my handle currently in fleet We're all crazy here, What is your star base level?
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    Looking for new fleet, 42 people on roster 2-3 active. Level 64, VIP 14, meet daily missions 95/100 days. Samuel is my name, 145 immortalized crew, 8 of the 145 are legendary. My crew can last 7 1/2 hours on a voyage without dilithium recharge. I echo space trucker, What level is your staircase
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    Our starbase is level 74. I have to check with my squad leaders but there may be one or two openings this evening. I will pm you in the morning if there are
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