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United Federation of Pragmatists welcomes new members

THE UNITED FEDERATION OF PRAGMATISTS ("UFP") has a few openings. We are a casual but competitive fleet and several of us consistently rank in the top 1k in events. We welcome all Captains and have no requirements aside from being active in playing the game.

While we are on Discord to help organize squads to reach common goals, we don't require members to be social. We are, after all, pragmatic about the game and are mainly in it for the squad rewards and crew sharing. If you are so inclined however, you can feel free to socialize and chat on our fleet Discord server. We have players from around the world in the US, the UK, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

If interested, search for UNITED FEDERATION OF PRAGMATISTS and apply. We have about 39 active members at present and our Starbase level is 77. We usually place among the top 40 fleets but rankings are secondary to having fun. We have placed as high as 4.

We're looking for active players and we are drama free. See you out there! LLAP.


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    Just giving this a bump. There are still spaces available in UFP. Its a great fleet to join, I have been a member since the beginning. As Rak said there are no requirements other than to be active. We have a great bunch of people who are willing to help out. A lot of us can easily rank top 1000 with great crew shares. If anyone is looking to join a fleet we would love to have you.
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