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Question on logistics with Leaving your fleet

I have been playing STT for ~4 months now. I joined a fleet fairly early on, but as I have steadily built up my roster and learned the game, I realize how inactive my fleet is. This is especially noticeable with Starbases (Level 22). Only a handful donate anything, and even fewer give 700. As of the time of writing, only 15 of 50 players have logged in the past 7 days, and some have been offline over 100 days!

I remember not being able to see/be in fleet rankings for events when I first signed up. So my question is: If I'm going to join a different fleet, is there a "good" time to make the switch, and does it impact event participation?


P.S. Daily active casual player looking for a fleet... ;)


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    I would say the only loss would be if you were in a squadron, you would be best to wait until after 17:00 on Monday although the prizes for a squadron aren't that great.
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    After the event is over, in your time zone, I would switch. See who is recruiting. They are the active fleets, Some are casual, some have strict rules. good luck.
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    If you are not in an Active Squadron, Mariners currently has 1 opening for someone over level 20. Not everyone donates to the starbase, but we are at level 44.
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    Data1001Data1001 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'd suggest you post a message in your squadron chat, too, just to let them know your reasoning — no sense in burning bridges unnecessarily. Then before you leave, take note of any of the good, active players in your current fleet, send them friend requests (if you haven't already), and later when you find a new fleet, you'll have them handy if that fleet is still looking for good players. I brought in a couple of folks from my original (mostly inactive) fleet to my current fleet, and they were very appreciative, as they never really knew how much they were missing out on. Good luck in your search!

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    <TGE> Clifford<TGE> Clifford ✭✭✭✭✭
    Note that you won’t be able to claim rewards from fleet daily goals for 24 hours after joining a new fleet.
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    tdIf your fleet & squad is not that active then you can move to a new Fleet at any time... you would probably end up in a better ranking squad wise for the event even. That said, it may be best to transition at a time when you will clear the cooldown [24 hours] for the fleet before event ends just to make sure you get the squad bonus for event, but I am not sure if that would be impacted anyways.

    Good luck finding a new fleet, there are a lot of great ones out there to include [TDI] Temporal Defense Initiative.

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    MuadDaveMuadDave ✭✭✭
    If you're free to play, check out [VIP 0].
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    If you’re looking to grow as a player, try our fleet at STARBASE 1 SB1
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