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USS New Orleans is recruiting

GogusGogus ✭✭
edited March 2018 in Fleet Central
USS New Orleans has 7 slots open, looking for active / regular players that enjoy playing the game, but don't want the pressure, additional responsibilities or requirements of bigger fleets. Our focus is on having fun and enjoying being part of the fleet.

Current event - Galactic Series:

Fleet rank - 224

Here are some other reasons to join USS New Orleans:
-We have Star base bonuses (level 52 current)
-Gain shared crew bonuses in events
-Receiving advice on upcoming events (sometimes unsolicited) but we prefer for you to ask questions.
-A place to receive advice about the game
-Have fun.

-We do not have an offline chat app requirements. Actually, no chat requirements at all so if you don’t want to talk that is perfectly fine.
-It would be great if you participated in the events to help out squadron, but not required.
-It would be helpful if you contributed to the star base building - the useful feature of being in a fleet. This will also help you in leveling your character as well as being competitive in gauntlet matches.
-Have obtained at least level 10.
-We appreciate if you use a name other than simply Captain. Also an Avatar picture helps us know who you are.
-We do not have a Facebook page or any other social media presence. Our focus is just playing the game and having fun, while being competitive.

Have fun. No pressure. Bonuses to help you level. What better way to have fun. If you are interested PM me in-game at Gogus [USS NO] or find another member of our fleet.
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