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Hi guys,
1. The One, Lore: I have him 1/5. At my stage I am probably better off with a new 5* rather than a small boost to my current 5*s.
2. Nottingham Q: He opens about 3 episode nodes.
3. AoS Riker: He opens maybe one episode node I need. His gauntlet beat Q.

My background: I have about 4 5*: Kortar (4/5), Guinan (2/5), the recent 5* event reward klingon that looks like a metal man, Crell Moset. I could use either Q or riker for some epic episode unlocks. Weak on security and eng in gauntlet.



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    I'd always fuse, only way towards 5/5... Citations are easy now and crew slots fill up fast.

    But if you want someone new then I'd choose Riker. Popular event choice and his 3 (mediocre) stats might be good enough for a voyage spot.

    I love the gauntlet but I think it's importance is diminishing with voyages awarding chrons and 4* crew rather easily.
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    Do you need those 3 episode modes more than the gauntlet increase ?

    Which of the two is easier to level up at ?

    If you answer those two questions then you will know which one of the two to pick

    Riker will probably be in more events than Q if that changes your decision at all.
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    the crew finder says rikers info is incomplete so not sure how hard he is to finish. I can't access my missions to definitely know how much I need those epic clears. I am leaning Riker. Thanks guys.
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