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COLORED TRIBBLES is looking for Captains! - Level 30+ welcome!

BlueTribbleBlueTribble ✭✭
edited July 2018 in Fleet Central
Final call to join COLORED TRIBBLES for this event. We have open spots! Join quickly before event starts!

40 Captains and Starbase Level 59 are waiting for you!



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    How do I join? Im level 31...
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    Captains! Next event is to start shortly! Join COLORED TRIBBLES now! To join just open your fleet icon, go to "search fleets" and type in COLORED TRIBBLES, then just enter.

    Or look for "Blue Tribble" in STT or on discord!
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    Update Info: 38 Captains and Starbase Level 43 are waiting for U!!!
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    39 Captains! Only on Spot left in squad 8... Hurry up!!
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    40 Captains on board, Star Base Lvl 47, Last Event Rank 235
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    Join now!
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    40 Captains on board, Star Base Lvl 59, Last Event Rank 229
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