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The 7th Tactical Wing is looking for Captains!

Looking for a casually competitive Star Trek Timelines fleet for the upcoming Mega Event? The 7th Tactical Wing may be the right fit for you! We are a dedicated group of daily players who believe in putting the needs of the many before the needs of the few.

We are currently looking for SIX players who meet the following criteria:
1) Daily players
2) Four shuttles (or at least saving for a fourth shuttle)
3) An average crew base of at least 700 across your top four crew members in each skill category
4) Input your top four crew in each skill category into a shared Google Sheet (this is used for organizing Squadrons)
5) Willing to download Discord and check in once a week for Squadron organization (Squadrons are organized on Wednesday nights before the event)

While we do not pursue individual accolades or try to take the top Squadron ranking, we are nevertheless highly competitive in events, with regular top-ten Fleet finishes, and multiple squadrons in the top 50-100.

What we offer is a friendly and knowledgeable community of players ranging from monthly card to VIP 14. If you would like to take advantage of our group (and our level 82 starbase!), and grow your crew in the process, please send me an in game PM or a PM here. If you don't exactly meet the criteria above, myself and our officers consider applicants on a case by case basis, so no harm in trying!


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