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Alpha recruiting casual players

Are you looking for a casual fleet, where there is no pressure to log in every other hour? Look no more, we have very flexible inactivity policy, which means we understand that you have a real life to live and might not be able to log in for a few days.

We also do not bother with chat either, so no worries about needing to be social. But if you do wish to chat, at least I will regularly check the chat and will try to engage in any conversations.

Basically, all we ask for you is to donate parts for our starbase every now and then.

If this is a play style that you want to support, then join Alpha.

Admiral Hillomaisteri


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    edited October 2017
    At the moment, our starbase is at level 7 and we have around 15 active members in our fleet, so there is still plenty of room for more starbase builders. :)
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