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ENTERPRISE is recruiting

Hey all.

Enterprise is looking to expand it's fleet roster.

We are a fun, activate, low drama fleet. We have worked very hard to establish a friendly and helpful community but we have had a few members leave the game / go inactive recently so we have room for up to 5 new members.

We have a high 40s starbase and a great roster of active, fun community members. We are active in the community and UC, we have Discord and FB fleet groups to help stay in touch and share strategies.

All in all, we are mostly adult and mature individuals with real lives outside of the game, but who are all big Trekkies and hopelessly addicted to this game. :)

If you think you would be a good fit for Enterprise, let me know!

Message me here or catch me on Twitter / Facebook. I'm @Intheghett0 on Twitter or request to join one of our FB groups.

ENTERPRISE - Star Trek Timelines Fleet Chat OR

TEN FORWARD - STT Players social group

I'm the co-admiral in charge of roster management (Read: booting and recruiting) so I'm the person to contact for more information.

IF we sound like your kind of fleet, let me know!

We welcome experienced players looking for a semi-competitive, laid back environment as well as new players who are keen and have lots of questions about the game, strategies, etc....

We're a good place to grow in to the game or a happy place to relax once you've been playing a long time and just want some nice, mature people to play with.

We do allow and encourage our members to take time away from the game when required, which is why we have the Social Media branches; it's where we report / log members who are away on leave and to get in touch with us when they return to the game.

Anyhow, if you think you're Enterprise material, Make it so!


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    Hi I’m an active player looking for an active fleet..would like to be a part of your crew.
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