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Bart's Mid Iowa Fleet is recruiting. Lvl 76 starbase, 7 current open slots.

We are a pretty laid back fleet looking for active players. We require at least 40 daily targets from players which is less than doing just the dailies. Feel free to message me or apply directly to the fleet ingame.


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    For those interested here are the benefits for joining our fleet!
    Starbase Chronitons +30
    Starbase Command +7% Starbase Command Prof +4%
    Starbase Diplomacy +6% Starbase Diplomacy Prof +4%
    Starbase Engineering +7% Starbase Engineering Prof +4%
    Starbase Security +6% Starbase Security Prof +4%
    Starbase Medical +8% Starbase Medical Prof +4%
    Starbase Science +7% Starbase Science Prof +4%
    Starbase Replicator +3 Starbase Replicator Credit Cost -10%
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    6 open slots now, we're a friendly fleet with just enough requirements to make it worth your while to join. There are some very helpful, long term players there that I know have helped me improve as a player over the last year. Come join us, you won't regret it!
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