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*SGC* Fleet is now recruiting!

*SGC* is now recruiting. We currently have a few open spots for active daily players. We have worked hard to build a solid foundation of friendly players, always willing to help others and share strategies for all aspects of the game.
Our Requirements:
• Captain Level 30 or above
• Regular daily play (We require members to complete their daily goals of 20 Away missions, 20 Space Battles, and 7 shuttles for a total of 47 Daily targets)
• Regular participation in events (We require that every member has a rank of something other than “ZERO” every event, but we specifically look for people who rank in the top 10k more often than not)
• Starbase donations in whatever amount you are able each day.
• Check Message of the day on fleet board and chat room for PM’s a minimum of once every time you log on to play
• Ambition to improve your own crew and to be a helpful member of our community
• All of this being said, we understand that most people have a life outside of this game, and all it takes is communication with your squad leader and fleet admiral to keep yourself in good standing if you are going to be temporarily absent from the game

Our Benefits:
• Our Starbase level is currently in the low 80’s. Our members have donated daily since the start to reach a comparable level of the other top fleets. We consistently reach all the daily fleet rewards of 570 honor and 100 chronitons.
• Our fleet has an info site which contains links for quick access to webpages that will help you in your gameplay, answer questions, and provide essential information to improve your knowledge of the game.
• We have fleet members that have been playing since the game launch or close to it, more than willing to share their knowledge with their fleet mates. We have players ranging from Captain levels in the 30’s all the way up to levels in the 70’s.
• We would never ask you to spend a dime on this game, because that is a decision only you can make. We have members ranging from VIP 0 all the way to VIP 14, and those of us that have spent money on the game can share with you our experiences and how to get the most out of what you spend.
If this sounds like the fleet you are looking for, you can send me a message with your in-game handle, captain level, and avatar and I will send you an invite. Also, you may search for us in the game, either ‘Audigy *SGC*’ or ‘Trader Vic *SGC*’, and we can get you started. We look forward to hearing from you! LLAP…
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