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So I need to clear out a couple of 1/4* to free space.

These seem to be the most obvious candidate:.
Captain John Harriman
Colonel Karr
Cyrus Redblock
Dr Toby Russell
First Goran'Agar
Forra Gegen
Lily Sloane
Lon Suder
Orion Slaver
The President of Earth

Ideally I want to airlock 2 of them. I don't think I need any of them particularly for nodes. Can you guys suggest any obvious discards or definite keepers?



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    IronagedaveIronagedave ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I would say Karr, Russell, and Harriman are airlockable.

    Apollo is a keeper and arguably First Goran Agar is too he has quite high CMD base stat but is equally decent for voyages. Keeping both the President and Apollo you won't really have a med need for Russell and is a minor character.

    I would also keep Kurak (warp theorist trait is fairly rare, at least it was for me) and gives a helpful boost in Engineering and Science for voyages.
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    1. Harriman is a weak, very little trait, 2 skill purple.

    2. Karr is the hardest of the crew to level(IMO) due to needing 52 ancient films without any easy way of getting multiple in a replicate. His FF stats are also forgettable

    3. Martia is also extremely weak for a 2 skill. Note: she is also difficult to level due to needing a crap ton of KCA faction items

    4, Lon Suder is also difficult to level. However, he has alot of traits and I like the sci, eng, and sec spread.

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    FEwe2FEwe2 ✭✭
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    I think for the moment Harriman and Karr are going to be shown the Moon Door. Thank you guys for your help
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    Good choices. I've got Martia almost fffe, but don't know why, she would be another good choice. Redblock is com sec dip, but strong on voyages. Kurak has a good skill set for a Klingon, so I wouldn't airlock those quickly.
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    I've airlocked every one of these at one point or another. you can live without all of them. The President of Earth is most likely to show up in an event, but even that's a stretch. Like some other people said, Kurak is decent, but not spectacular. If any of them are close to FF/FE, then keep and freeze but anything less than that, out the airlock.
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    Since I've airlocked every 1/4* and 2/4* that was level 10 or less I have more than enough free crew slots ;-)
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