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LAST CHANCE fleet is now recruiting! Last Chance, is your best chance at glory!

Major ZushieMajor Zushie ✭✭
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Tired of being in a fleet with excess baggage? Of Captains that sit back while you Excell?

Join Last Chance where your skill will be appreciated.

We are an active fun fleet that is climbing the ranks and won't stop until we are at the top.

We expect participation in every event from every crewmen.

We understand you may not be the best right now but all we ask is that you do your best. Everyone is a beginner at some point and we have experienced crew willing to help and coach you until you are the very best you can be.

Obviously RL can come up so if your not able to do an event just let us know.

No level or VIP requirements to join. Just a positive attitude.

This is YOUR chance to be the best of the best with Last Chance!!!

PS: Free puppies to the next 5 Captains to enlist.

PPS: Puppies are imaginary and do not have a physical form, though this does mean your puppy can be of any breed and requires minimal upkeep and 0 poop bags to clean up after.


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    Major ZushieMajor Zushie ✭✭
    edited June 2018
    We welcome all Captains with various experience. We value our veteran Captains and are happy to assist new Captains.

    We are currently at level lvl 37 Starbase but moving up quickly. Come join now!!!
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    Major ZushieMajor Zushie ✭✭
    edited July 2018
    In the last event, Last Chance took fleet Ranking 469!! We are the future and will continue rising, join now, Last Chance!!!
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    Now recruiting Squad Leaders and Captains!!
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