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COLORED TRIBBLES is looking for lazy but committed Captains


COLORED TRIBBLES is looking for Captains to join our fleet.

For current Star Base level, last event ranks and number of free slots please have a look at:

You don't have to be active on daily bases but we expect that you will contribute to events and to the up-leveling of our Star Base as often as possible. If you want to take a rest for some weeks that'll not be a problem. If you will stay inactive for more than a month please inform us about the reason.

These rules have helped us to have low fluctuation, so you will join a stable and friendly fleet.

We use ingame chat and discord for communication. We help new players to learn about strategy in gauntlet, in events and in keeping the best crew. We run our own howto in a discord channel.
But on the other hand we somtimes don't chat that much, but that is our way.

But the most important thing is that we will all benefit from our community by getting more rewards each day, better rewards in events and finally one will never again will be invited to other fleets.

Have a look at COLORED TRIBBLES by simply searching for that name in the fleet section of the game.
Fleet is open, you are free to join us when you are level 30.

If you have any questions leave a comment here or text me ingame.


Royal Blue Tribble


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    Just for information for the lazy ones who don't have time to follow the link above:
    StarBase Lvl 47, last event rank 269, 10 open spots.
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