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TGE (top 5 fleet): No Vacancy

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Currently full! Thanks for checking us out!

TGE has a rare spot available!

Here's an uncommon opportunity to join The Gluten Empire, one of the oldest, most drama-free, and most competitive fleets in the game (top 5 in nearly every faction event, and our starbase is as good as anyone's). We also have one of the liveliest fleet chats around—nobody has more fun than we do.

Competitive as we are, we also recognize that real life comes first. We don’t care how much you spend as long as you play daily and are looking to grow and progress.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

-A sense of humor
-A willingness to join our Discord server
-4 shuttles and at least captain level 40
-A desire to do well in faction events in particular and to improve as a player.

If that’s you, send me a PM and tell me a little about yourself.

For more on us, holler at me or else check out our wiki page:
<TGE> The Gluten Empire
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