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S14 looking for captains - starbase level 90 ( and soon 91 )

We are an active fleet with alot of experience that having a good time together. You are guaranteed maximum honor and chronotons per day for fleet action. You must remain active (do daily awards) to stay in the fleet or you will be booted. Must be over lev40, but if very active we can set it down (all the way to 30)

Simple rule in Section 14:

1. Prio Holomitters on donation
2. Must download and use Line chat app to communicate within 48h when joined and keep using it atleast once a day.
3. Always inform officer/admiral if your going away/vacation more then 48h.

max chron: +50
Cmd skill: +8%
Sci skill: +8%
Eng skill: +8%
Dip skill: +8%
Sec skill: +8%
Med skill: +8%

Med Proficiency: 6%
Sci Proficiency: 5%
Eng Proficiency: 5%
Dip Proficiency: 5%
Cmd Proficiency: 5%
Sec Proficiency: 5%

Mess Hall (Rep fuel cost): -10%
Industrial Replicator : +3

I must thank to captain Bri here cause he made this list.

Please contact admiral SirManiac or any recruting officer if you want to join up.

Have a nice day.


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