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Best Recipe for Tuvix?

I'm trying to get the best Tuvix possible, with a Tuvok and Neelix left over. My crew are:

One Tuvok, 3/3, lvl 99
One Tuvok, 1/3, lvl 1
One Neelix, 3/3, lvl 20
Three Neelix, 1/3, lvl 1

So what's my move here? Who do I fuse?
Happy for any help!

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    Data1001Data1001 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2018
    You've got Tuvok to level 99, so he should be part of your initial Tuvix build (then your 1/4 Tuvix will be lvl 99 upon being built, as well). Fuse him with one of your one-star level 1 Neelixes. You could then fuse your 3/3 level 20 Neelix with your level one 2/3 Tuvok — you'd be wasting a star on him and 20 levels on Neelix, but I wouldn't worry about that. Then after fusing the second Tuvix with your first Tuvix, you'll have a 2/4 level 99 Tuvix and two level one 1-star Neelixes. Then just keep collecting them in order to build two more Tuvixes and get your Tuvix fully fused. :)

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    I would certainly fuse the lvl 99 tuvok with one of the lvl 1 neelixs

    I disagree with Data, and would only make the 1 fusion right now. You'll ultimately want 4x Tuvix; odds are very good you would get at least 1 more tuvok to 3/3 him and fuse with a 1/3 Neelix.

    If you need to free up slots; fuse a 3/3 or 2/3 neelix from the remainder; I do agree with Data, that I would not worry about the level 20.. It is a miniscule investment at level 20, and may as well be considered a lvl 1.
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    edited May 2018
    Fuse lvl 99 3/3 Tuvok with lvl 1 1/3 Neelix to get lvl 99 1/4 Tuvix
    Use citation on lvl 1 2/3 Tuvok to get him to 3/3 and fuse with 1/3 Neelix to get 2/4 Tuvix.

    Then you'll have 3/3 (don't mind his lvl 20) and 1/3 Neelixes and you actually need only 2 more 1/3 Tuvoks. Fuse first Tuvok you get with 3/3 Neelix to get 3/4 Tuvix and use two citations on either last 1/3 Neelix or Tuvok to get your 4th Tuvix.

    Or, if you're short with honor, wait until you get another Neelix or Tuvok
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    Thanks everyone! This has been extremely helpful.
    "Risk! Risk is our business. Risk is what this starship is all about."
    -Captain Kirk, ST:TOS, "Return to Tomorrow"
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