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Holoemitters - where to farm?

So basically where is the best place to farm 700 Holoemitters per day? Our starbase is at a Point where each and every addon costs Holoemitters and we´re near the Point where we´ve finished all the other components so it´s only Holoemitters thats missing ( 237.500 in total).

The horrific drop rate (a normal day grants me about 100 of those) means our fleet wont see the light of any addon soon (meaning in the next months to come)


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    IronagedaveIronagedave ✭✭✭✭✭
    As the drop is random (and disproportionate) between holoemitters and Tritanium I can't find a reliable drop anywhere either. For this reason, therefore I would just recommend the cheapest chroniton mission, for it's level and that would be the distress call Delphic Expanse first mission on elite (long destince call). It's 4 chrons so you can do plenty of them the more missions you can do the greater the chances of gaining a significant amount. Whilst AD warping more expensive ship battles for key items.

    Also if you are still in early game mode and still need to xp a lot of crew it is one of the best missions for doing this just be sure to add them to the battlestation.

    I just wish DB would add a couple to arena battle wins, at least that would give you a steady trickle and not change the overall progression speed by a dramatic margin.
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    I can't say it's the best, but I run a lot of "Pirate Problems" at Epic level. The Wiki lists this as tbe best mission for a couple of items even though the game drops it way down the list to choose from. In fact, many items will drop better from ship battle missions, you just need to use the wiki to find them. This will help a little bit. In addition, the higher cost missions generally drop more Holoemitters than the lower cost ones.
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    Peachtree RexPeachtree Rex ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Any high-cost ship mission will do. Shooting for 700 is not realistic. Even if you put all of your daily chrons towards that, you won't make over 700 unless you are supplementing in some fashion (MWF cadet tickets, chron buys, etc). A more realistic goal is ~250/day (so just over 1/3 of your total potential donations).

    I recognize that doesn't help you if you are close to capping the other donation types, but you've simply waited too long to prioritize Holos that there's probably no way around being Holo-locked at this point.

    Things you (and your fleet) should try to do:
    • Use all ad-warps on high-cost (20+) ship missions
    • When farming for items, always check the wiki as ship missions are often listed lower than they really should be
    • If given a choice, always farm a ship mission over a more efficient away mission. My go-to example of this is 3* Polyalloy (https://stt.wiki/wiki/Polyalloy). Ishka Issues gives out 3* Polys at 3x the rate the other missions, but I'll always run one of the ship missions simply because they award Holos.

    If, as a fleet, you can average around 200 holos per person per day, you will start to "catch up". Keep in mind, you STILL need to average that while you're building non-Holo rooms. The only way you have the momentum to actually do a Holo room is if you can stockpile several hundred (thousand?) Holos during the days you are spending on the other rooms.
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    Boxy McBoxfaceBoxy McBoxface ✭✭✭
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    Pretty much what Peach said above, try to alternate upgrade rooms between ones that need holos and ones that don't so you can build up a stockpile in the 'off' upgrades.

    Holos generally drop in half the amounts of the base chron cost of the mission (mission cost 20 means you'll get 9-11 holos), so best bet is to load up a kit and farm high chron cost missions to get the extra boost in drops.

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    edited May 2018
    All of the chroniton based combats gives you either Holoemiter or Tritanium, though Tritanium is given in much higher quantity/rates, that said the higher in chroniton value a combat is, the higher in number of Holoemitter you can get.
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