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Starfleet JAG Recruiting!!!

We have FOUR open slots!

Don't do this faction event without a fleet. Seriously. You need the bonuses. Level 79 starbase.

Basic rules:
1) Respect.
2) Level 30+
3) Stay active. If you have to be gone more than a week, notify Admiral. A week's absence unnotified can get you removed.
4) Add the Admiral as in game friend.
5) Join us on Discord (for chat and strategy sharing)


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    As a nearly two year member coming in to the fleet at level 33 or so, I have found the fleet immensely helpful. You will find motivated competitors as well as players that might play events more casually. The common thing you will find is a willingness to help, a place to share your interest in Star Trek and fun too!!! I still learn new things every week from our fleet mates. We look for your contributions as much as you can based on your level and ability. We hope you will consider joining us.
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