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Atheist is recruiting! Level 49 starbase.

Fooly82Fooly82 ✭✭
edited May 2018 in Fleet Central
We are a somewhat casual, but active fleet, since some members have quit the game, we are looking for new members.

We have no strict requirements for joining, other than that you are minimum level 20 and active.

Our starbase is level 49 and growing, join us, if you like to play, but not stress over rules.

Search for our fleet name in-game: Atheist

We have an open door policy.


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    Admiral Crusher, head of Caledonian Transport, here. I asked fooly to post this. We had been taking things a little TOO casually, but now are looking for people who will play at least once every 10 days, or Squadron Leaders who are on at least once every 3. We have 17 slots open, and many of our squadrons have room in them, so expect invites if you join! Hope to see the Fleet fill out soon!
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    For admins, please close and delete this thread, since there is no more use for it.
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