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Please observe a minute of silence.

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A great persion left us yesterday. He wasn't a hero, he wasn't a crew, he wasn't a star trek wannabe, but he was someone some of us aspired to. A great patron of the gaming industry left us after fighting with cancer for years on end, at the fragile age of 34. His name is TotalBiscuit, or John Peter Bain, a huge Star Trek proponent and fan.

Let us welcome him in the hall of heroes. He deserves it. He deserves a warriors send-off:


This is not must not be a sponsored/monetized video. It is a monument/trubite to a real/true Star Trek fan.

This must never in a million years be a monetited video. Whoever does it, curse be on his soul.

I might eventually change my nick on the forums, but my in game nick will always be TB Dobchan in his name. Because he lives on in his fans, followers, and Star Trek TNG friends,


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    Where are you from? It's a weird accent.
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    It is indeed. I am Bulgarian. Kinda difficult to distinguish from the banter,
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